From the recording Just a Glimpse - Album Download

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In my mind's eye, I see You, it's more than I can take. Nearly blinded by the sight of You, Your face lit like a flame. And a wash of living colors of every hue and every name dance around You, and it's all that I can do to fall down on my knees, and with the angels sing… Holy, holy is the Lord Almighty, Who was and is and is to come. Holy, holy, You're a Beautiful Mystery, Father, Son and Spirit You are One. Beautiful Mystery, You're a Beautiful Mystery. In my mind's eye, I'm kneeling in the shadow of Your throne, and Your voice rolls like the thunder, but You're calling me Your own. And You're brilliant and You're beautiful, but You somehow feel like home, oh just the sight of You—it's all that I can do to worship on my knees and with the angels sing… Angels and people swarm as far as eye can see. They cast their crowns away, in awe of Your majesty. The glory of the Living God floats in the air. I breathe Your holiness, I'm suddenly aware…