1. Set Free

From the recording Just a Glimpse - Album Download

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I once was lost, I once was blind, life was a prison, I was shackled and confined. The more I struggled, the more entangled I became; I searched and searched but saw no possible escape. The days dragged on and on and on, another dreary midnight, another cold gray dawn. Just when I lost my hope of ever seeing change, I met the Love that loosens every chain. I've been set free, yeah, I've finally come home, that life can't bind me anymore. I've been set free, yeah, the past is dead and gone and I'm cradled in the arms of my Lord.(I'm running to the arms of my Lord, I will run into the arms of my Lord.) Now I am found, now I can see, and every day's a gift of love and liberty. But when my life is done, don't you cry for me, 'cause when I run through heaven's gates I will sing... Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…