1. Postcards

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Verse 1:
Sometimes I wish I could hear Your voice aloud
Maybe just a whisper weaving through a crowd,
Sometimes I wish I could feel Your hand in mine
Or see a sign that I am not alone, but
You leave me messages everywhere to say how much You care…

You write me postcards on the evening sky, love letters in the sand
And I can read Your signature in the creases in my hands,
There is poetry in the colors of the falling autumn leaves
And every postcard reads: “I love you.”

Verse 2:
Sometimes it seems You’re a million miles away,
I’m so distracted by all the day-to-day.
Sometimes with me it’s out of sight and out of mind
And so You find new ways to let me know.
You leave me messages everywhere to say that You’re still there…

Sometimes I can’t wait to hear You say those words,
It will be the sweetest sound that I ever heard,
But until then…

© 2004 Beth Champion Mason & Darwin Moody