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Verse 1:
Every night when darkness falls, it’s time for bed, run down the hall
We curl up in our rocking chair where we can say goodnight.
Read a story, “Once upon a time…”, sing a song of nursery rhymes
Then we say our prayers and we turn off the light
But what you may not always hear is the special prayer for you, my dear
The blessings I speak over you every night…

“May God grant you peace, and may God grant you confidence
And may you have a heart to see the good in everyone
And may you be secure in who you are and not forget where you come from
But most of all my prayer for you my son
Is may God grant you love.”

Verse 2:
As the years go by I will delight to see your life fulfill
The dreams that God has dreamed for you, for once upon a time.
And as you grow there’ll come a time for no more night-time nursery rhymes
But I will always pray this for your life...


Love for others, love for Him
Love for the life He’s placed you in
And one special love someday…